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Zack and Gabrielle

We started a weekly tradition of cooking Sunday dinners together when we met. This quickly grew into a love of culinary design, trying new and exciting dishes, as well as expanding our experience with more difficult culinary feats. We also realized that we had love for travel in common, and started traveling to a variety of countries around the world to relish in the cultures and food experiences. Throughout our travels, we have made a practice of experiencing a cooking class in each location to fully relish the flavors of these unique places.

Gabrielle grew up in Milwaukee and moved to Central Wisconsin in 2006 where she has lived for the past 17 years. She worked as a project manager for 10 years, traveling around the country to a variety of cities and customer sites. Marshfield has a feeling of home that she hasn’t experienced in any other town across the country, so she has built a life and family in the area.

Zack was born in Japan and raised in a military family, growing up in a variety of places including Turkey where his first memories of design and international culture were born. He left a career in manufacturing to pursue this dream of bringing interesting and exciting food flavors to the Central Wisconsin region, providing quality food options that are reminiscent of locations around the world.

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